Design Week | DIY Design for Digital

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Design Week | DIY Design for Digital | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Is designing digital content not your strength? Are you looking for ways you can you make your business stand out in the sea of digital marketing?

Join us for a digital design planning event with our digital rockstar and director at the Social Lab, Jordan Lomax where she'll show you the tools and tricks to design a content strategy that will make sure you're highlighting the best of your business with best practices and easy applications to use.

We'll cover,

  • Design Strategy and the key tips to remember
  • Apps and platforms to use for social media, banner ads and video content.
  • Utilising the most important features to craft and capture your audience
  • Q&A from audience

Learn how to elevate your design skills and make your digital game in the words of an icon, "Shine bright like a diamond!" - Rihanna, 2012.

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