Design Week | Design-a-Thon with Adobe | Raleigh

About this event

Join GA & Adobe for a mini design hackathon that will get attendees to work together for a good cause. We will virtually gather in community​, ​collaborate with like-minded individuals and build your portfolio​ – all while help​ing​ an ​incredible, ​nonprofit​ organization. Our mission for this Design-o-Thon is to create work solving real-world problems, while spreading the goodness of the user-centered design & problem-solving process!



WHO SHOULD ATTEND? ​​UX professionals, designers, marketers, researchers, developers, prototypers, data heads, civic hackers, leaders. We will be randomly pairing attendees in small pods to collaborate.

WHAT WILL THE EVENT BE LIKE? We will present and discuss the challenge at the beginning of the event. Groups of attendees will spend about two hours working through the concept and design on a solution of their choosing. At the end of the Jam, we will share and discuss our work with the featured nonprofit and other attendees. If you are uncomfortable showing what you worked on, you will not be pressured into sharing publicly. We want everyone to feel included and welcome.

WHAT WILL WE MAKE? At the end of the Creative Jam, together we will have created many solutions to support real challenges for [nonprofit name].

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