Design Hacks for Non-designers

Design Hacks for Non-designers | Manchester

About this event

Are you creative and have all these different ideas but don't know where to start, or do you need to create different assets in your day-to-day life but are not too comfortable doing it? This event will teach you all the tips and tricks to start your design and feel happy with it!

Always keeping your content relevant, current and attractive is crucial in this new digital world. Maintaining a business and making sure every asset is like you dreamed of and on-brand can be daunting.

That's why we partnered with Uizard Technologies! They're experts in design and will teach us all the hacks and how we can move on from a black page to a successful asset.


  • Learn why graphic design is important for your business
  • Know all the tips and tricks to have a quick and well designed asset
  • Understand how to move from a black page to a successful asset

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