Deep Resilience: Balancing Grit & Grace as a Woman Leader In a Pandemic World

Deep Resilience: Balancing Grit & Grace as a Woman Leader In a Pandemic World | Sacramento

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Since the start of the COVID pandemic, forward thinking female leaders have been changing the game in every sector and every industry, across the globe. But women are now also 250% more likely to leave the workplace as compared to their male counterparts. Ever increasing workplace demands, family logistics, home schooling, and fatigue from hours of back-to-back screen have taken us to our limits.

In order to embrace the potential for massive growth that this unique moment in time affords, women leaders must be able show up and bring their voices forward, even when the going gets tough. And to make that truly possible, they need to master three core skills: sourcing new energy on demand, stepping out of survival mode, and cultivating an authentic sense of hope. In other words, they need to master Deep Resilience.

The Deep Resilience interactive virtual workshop is designed to bust traditional myths about resilience – helping female leaders build a solid foundation of personal and professional resilience, so that they can make a lasting impact in 2021, without burning out. Participants will learn a series of embodied, mindfulness practices that leave them feeling nourished and empowered.

They will also learn how to translate these practices into their day-to-day lives, as part of a next-level leadership approach.

The practices, strategies and approaches taught in this workshop build upon one another. They form a deep-seated, intuitive foundation of resilience that works with the feminine body, mind and spirit, rather than against it.

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