Debunking UX After Bootcamp

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Debunking UX After Bootcamp | Halifax

Attend the next event on Thursday, 7 October.

Past Locations for this Event

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Pivoting in your career and taking a Bootcamp can, in itself, be a huge decision. It is a lot of hard work and a huge time commitment! But once you have gotten through one, you have made a HUGE accomplishment to the next step of your career. Yet, there isn't a whole lot of discussion around entering the workforce with those skills you just spent the last few months of your life tirelessly working on. The job hunt can be tough to navigate, but we are here to tell you that you aren't alone!

We've partnered up with IXDA Vancouver for a series of events. We aim to demystify the myths around UX Bootcamp graduates and their constant need to over compensate for their capabilities to be qualified for a tech role post-graduation.

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