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Data Week | Why Too Much Data Is a Problem and How to Prevent It | Atlanta

About this event

This event is part a week-long series that is designed to help you explore the best and latest in Data. If you are interested in learning more, do check out other events under the same series here:


As businesses increase their digital transformation efforts, they find themselves grappling with an explosion in the sheer quantity of data produced and collected. While data has been dubbed “the new oil”, too much data can actually be very damaging for a business.

Data saturation can lead to a breakdown of systems that are unprepared to handle the new load and difficulty in running analytics processes and scenarios as well as getting the level of performance required to extract business value from the data efficiently and effectively, particularly with the complex algorithms that predictive and prescriptive analytics use.

In this webinar, join industry experts in understanding how companies can reassess their data strategy to efficiently integrate large data volumes in complex environments and automate data gathering routines. They will also discuss best practices on validating the collected data to sift out only the most important insights.

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