Data Week | Algorithms Behind Your Favorite Streaming Services | Nashville

About this event

In the Digital Age of countless data and online streaming, entertainment is now delivered in a more unique way than it ever was before. Platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and so much more, are creating new enhanced on-the-go calculations that are changing the way we intake or discover streaming content.

Faster suggestions "for you" to watch... a search conducted on google pops up on your Twitter or Instagram feed?!

As we seamlessly indulge in content across multiple devices, we are increasingly consuming whatever algorithms or Twitter trends tell us to watch. How is this data being collected and what are the systems in place that can predict our next binge watch? Join us for a deep dive into data analytics, where we discover how our interests are being collected to formulate new ideas.


You'll be able to learn:

  • A basic understanding of machine learning
  • How predictive analysis continues to expand
  • Analytics platforms used by developers

Prereqs & Preparation

None needed!

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