Creative Economy Workshop Series | #3 Podcasting Like a Pro | Salt Lake City

Attend the next event on Thursday, 28 October.

About this event series

Podcasting is quickly becoming one of the best ways to communicate your ideas, your passion, and your unique insights to an engaged audience.

In this interactive workshop, Jessie and Angela will review all the aspects of launching your podcast. You'll learn the importance of a well-planned launch, as well as the keys to recording a professional-sounding episode.

Additionally, we'll dig into the best places to market your episodes once they are live.


  • What tools and platforms you need to launch a show
  • Best practices for reaching out to and engaging with podcast guests
  • Where and how to get listeners, and how to encourage those listeners to become superfans
  • How to make your podcast stand out
  • Ways to attract new listeners after your show has launched
  • How to get advertisers for your podcast and how to incorporate those into your show

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