Creative Economy | 6. How to Get Leads & Make Sales as a Creative Entrepreneur | Pittsburgh

About this event series

Do you wonder how to draw in new leads? Do you have existing customers but want to know what more can be done to increase revenue?

Making sales is the life force of your business. However, as a creative entrepreneur, it is important to understand the steps needed to create value and how to actually close the sale. It is more than posting content online or creating a social media post and hoping someone will bite.

You need a strategic plan set in place and in this interactive workshop, Jessie and Angela will show you exactly how to accomplish sales without feeling sleazy.


  • How to bring in new leads
  • How to tap into your existing customer base to bring in new sales
  • How to not feel sleazy when doing the "business" side of things
  • How to develop confidence when talking about your products and services

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