Creating A True Family-Friendly Workplace

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Creating A True Family-Friendly Workplace | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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The landscape for working parents is changing and employers need to learn how to accommodate these changes and support their employees who are or will soon be parents. Implementing family-friendly policies has been proven times and again to be extremely beneficial for families, businesses and economies.

Family-friendly policies that help support employees strike a balance between work obligations and family demands can increase employee morale, job satisfaction, and productivity while reducing absenteeism and disengagement. Such policies can also serve as competitive advantages for organizations to edge out their competitors to recruit and retain the best talent.

Join us as we take a deep dive into how you and your organizations can get started on creating a family-friendly workplace and culture. We’ll discuss the importance of family-friendly policies, pros and cons of the most commonly-offered policies, and how you can curate and implement policies that work best for your organizations.

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