Conscious Cannabis: Business for Social Good

Conscious Cannabis: Business for Social Good | Toronto

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Momentum around global cannabis legalization is the highest it has ever been, and yet, today is the smallest the industry will ever be. As a multipurpose agricultural crop primed for food, fiber, medicine, and more: the cannabis plant has the potential to become one of the most in-demand commodities of the next decade.

With the birth of this new global sector comes a timely opportunity to redefine “business as usual” and to develop transparent, responsible value chains for cannabis consumer packaged goods. As more nation-states revise their cannabis policies, and more commercial cannabis operations are created, ESG and social impact frameworks can lead the way towards conscious production and consumption like no industry has ever done before.

Join the GA x CEG alongside a panel of cannabis and social impact experts for a dynamic 60-minute webinar focused on the current and future state of cannabis, and the impact this new global commodity can have on people and the planet.

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