Career Relaunch: A Guide for Caregivers Restarting Work | Kansas City

About this event

Women revolutionised the workforce by setting foot in professions in record numbers, but many leave the career path to care for their family. Now, these women are forging new career tracks by demonstrating that they can return to a meaningful career after maternity leave or a long career hiatus. Unfortunately, many women still face an uphill battle when attempting to return to the workforce.

A career break should not be a career breaker. Going back to work after a long break can be difficult for many reasons but insights from those who have been there before can help bring you back on the right track.

Join us as we share tips for mothers on how to prepare physically and mentally for and ease the transition of going back to work, how to manage your relationships with your boss and coworkers, and where you can turn to get the emotional support and encouragement you need.

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