Career Conversations: Digital Marketing

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Career Conversations: Digital Marketing | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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It's mid year and you are feeling like you have plateaued a bit in your career. Your growth has slowed there is not a lot of movement on the horizon. Maybe now is the time to consider a career transition.

If you are wondering what day-to-day life as a Digital Marketer would be like, join us on for ‘Career Conversations: Digital Marketing’. We will talk about various career paths, top skills needed to succeed, companies hiring Digital Marketers, good places to meet other Digital Marketers, and the ups and downs of this career. Bring your questions for our panel of veteran Digital Marketers. They will give you insight into their roles, help you understand what is needed to get there, and, just maybe, inspire you to make a change.

Join us for a practical tips, insightful conversation, and good community. See you then!

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