🥳 Career Breakthroughs that Led to Success 🥳

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🥳 Career Breakthroughs that Led to Success 🥳 | Edinburgh

Past Locations for this Event

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Are you craving a career breakthrough to launch you into the work of your dreams? And do you feel stuck in how you make that breakthrough happen?

Whether you want to escape the 9-5, make a career pivot or completely change what you do, the first step can feel daunting. One thing that helps is hearing how other people did it.

In this webinar, you'll hear from Isabel who founded I Like Networking after the pandemic wiped the events industry, and Dina who broke out of the 9-5 run and went to work for herself after being stuck in a Quarter Life Crisis for years. They will share their learning as well as tangible tips on how to get you past the career fear and procrastination and onto the next thing - whatever that looks like for you!

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