Buzzword Series: Marketing Automation

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Buzzword Series: Marketing Automation | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Marketing automation marries software with strategy. In turn, creating a highly personalized experience for customers and streamlining tedious processes for the modern marketer. As a subset of CRM systems, automation has assisted in other facets such as segmentation, lead generation and scoring and ROI measurement.

These optimized work processes have allowed organizations to maximize efficiency and reduce human error by automating various tasks through workflows. Contrary to popular belief, implementing automated processes do not have to break the bank. Available at a number of price points, automated systems have become imperative for the modern marketer to measure and manage complex omnichannel tools through a single mode, providing organizations to have a 360 degree view of campaign efforts.

Join us as we debunk the buzz behind marketing automation and learn about the best practices to adopt to automate your marketing campaigns.

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