Buzzword Series: Growth Hacking

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Buzzword Series: Growth Hacking | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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With tightened budgets and limited time, growth hacking strategies are employed to optimize growth while keeping to a lean budget. Unlike traditional marketers, growth hackers have gone beyond awareness and acquisition strategies to capture the full marketing funnel. Combining the expertise of marketers, analysts and developers, growth hackers test and measure the success of their experiments in a bid to significantly increase their customer base.

These strategies have led significant success among companies like DropBox and PayPal, who found early success through user-optimized referral marketing campaigns. Although growth hacking found its origins in the start up scene, many MNCs have also adopted such revitalized methods to remain nimble against competitors.

Join us as we dive into the fundamentals of growth hacking, why it's such a hot buzzword and how it can easily be implemented.

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