Busy Isn't Better - How to Crush Your Career Goals without Burning Out

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Busy Isn't Better - How to Crush Your Career Goals without Burning Out | Brisbane

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In 2020, nearly two-thirds of full-time employees have experienced burnout at their current job. Unfortunately, many fail to recognise or acknowledge the symptoms, and the pent up frustration can negatively impact their performance and work relationships.

Even high-performing employees who seem to be productive are not immune to burnout, especially if they are mindful of their work habits. It is thus critical to dig deep into the root causes of burnout and understand how the thoughts you have about success can eventually put you in overdrive.

Join us to learn to evaluate your priorities and reallocate your personal resources when there are early indicators of burnout and how to reframe your mindset around productivity and success. We will also share tools to effectively manage yourself, your time, and your energy, and goal-setting and habit-building exercises so you can move forward feeling in control of your career path and more grounded in your life.

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