Building Your Personal Board of Directors

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Building Your Personal Board of Directors | Adelaide

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Past Locations for this Event

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Made up of up to six professionals in your age group, a personal board of directors is designed to act as a sounding board. They are meant to advise you and provide you with feedback on your life decisions, opportunities and challenges. More importantly, they should be people who are in your corner and can provide thoughtful and measured insight about you and for you. Oftentimes, these are feedbacks you do not necessarily get from colleagues or friends.

Having a personal board of directors can help gather much-needed differing perspectives to help guide your career, from finding jobs to navigating work-life balance to landing important promotions. They can help you refine your goals and strategize about ways to achieve them.

But after all that is said and done, how can you build your very own personal board of directors? Join us as our speakers provide you with tips on how to assemble an effective personal board of directors, conduct check-ins with and maintain a mutually-beneficial relationship with your board members, and know when to disband an ineffective board.

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