Building Strategic Lead Magnets

Building Strategic Lead Magnets | Orlando

About this workshop

According to Beacon, “Lead magnets reward people for sharing their email address. This helps you to turn more random visitors into qualified leads so you can grow your business.” But how do you make sure that you’re not missing any opportunities for getting as many sign-ups and conversions as possible?

The answer is quite simple (if not very sexy): planning, planning, planning. Whether you’re working on your first lead magnet, or want to make sure you’re using your existing lead magnet to the max, join us for this event to make sure your lead magnet is not becoming a complete time suck, figure out who to write a lead magnet for, and learn how to use the most commonly missed opportunities for calls to action, follow-ups, and conversions.


  • Online inspiration for different ways to save time on creating your lead magnet
  • What to consider when choosing an audience for your lead magnet
  • Fleshing out your lead magnet funnel: what to consider
  • How to optimize each stage of the funnel: frequently missing pieces of the puzzle

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