Building Equitable Business Partnerships | Orlando

About this event

You are ready to align your business with your core values around equity, inclusive social impact, and anti-racism. It’s time to move beyond the stand-alone diversity statements, tokenism marketing, and other performative ally actions that do nothing to move the needle in your organization’s commitment to your values. Elevate your allyship by creating both a business model and partnerships designed to benefit underrepresented folx as a part of your mission to better serve all.


During this 2-hour deep dive and hands-on workshop:

  • First thing’s first: understand what you need to actually show up in integrity as an true (not performative) ally -- as an individual, and with a partner
  • You will learn a simple question tool to identify which of your current business practices are harmful and helpful in allyship
  • You will internalize the keys to equitable joint partnership and business allyship
  • You will have a clear criteria to evaluate which is the best strategy for you
  • You will have a blueprint to elevate your business model

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