Building an Intuitive UX Experience

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Building an Intuitive UX Experience | Orlando

Attend the next event on Thursday, 15 April.

Past Locations for this Event

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Having an intuitive user experience is a top goal for every design project, yet surprisingly few people have a strong understanding of what this important concept really means. A person's mental model is their internal representation of the situation. It consists of all the concepts, knowledge, and beliefs they use to understand the world around them. A design that does not align with the user’s mental model, forces the user to go into a problem-solving mode to work out what the next step is.

In return creating a non-fulfilling user experience. If you want to create intuitive designs, you need to start by understanding the user’s mental model. Join us for a deep dive into building better experiences to formulate happy users.


  • Basic understanding of an intuitive interface
  • An understanding of mental models
  • Basic understanding of contexual inquiry

Prereqs & Preparation

None needed!

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