Building a Brand with Purpose in 2022

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Building a Brand with Purpose in 2022 | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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How does a brand differentiate itself from the crowd of hundreds, if not thousands of competitors? One way is to have a strong and distinct brand purpose. A brand purpose is neither a social purpose nor a brand promise. In essence, it is a business’ ‘why’ or what it stands for. This resonates with customers who share the same purpose, eventually inspiring their loyalty.

However, brands must be careful not to fall into the Hero Trap! If businesses attempt to hop on the bandwagon and advocate for social issues without concrete actions, it could be viewed as mere marketing efforts that could backfire and cause customers to be distrustful. Instead, the focus should be on helping customers take charge of their lives, make their own decisions, and achieve their goals.

So, here’s your chance to create a purpose-driven brand. Come join us as we uncover how to define and successfully communicate your brand’s relevance in the world, communicate your ‘why’, and play a meaningful role in your customers’ lives.

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