Brick and Mortar Reimagined

Brick and Mortar Reimagined | Detroit

About this event

To survive and thrive in the post-coronavirus world, stores, restaurants and hotels must fundamentally change how they operate. Unless brick and mortar spaces offer consumers a compelling value proposition, store traffic—which was already thinning in pre-coronavirus times—is predicted to slow to a trickle. Building for flexibility is the cornerstone

Join us as we talk to innovators that are at the forefront of retail's evolutionary renaissance. We will dig into the mix of technology, safety, architecture, visual merchandising, and marketing that come together in balance to create a holistic experience from web to brick and mortar, putting the customer at the center.


In this live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Understand what is an omnichannel approach
  • How to transform retail experiences post covid
  • Dig into new consumer purchasing behaviors
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