Branding for Startups & Small Businesses

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Branding for Startups & Small Businesses | Miami

Past Locations for this Workshop

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Most entrepreneurs don’t think too much about their brand. But that’s a mistake. Far more than a logo, a strong brand can excite investors, inspire employees, attract great talent, and help focus your company...even before your consumers ever see it. And it’s much easier and cheaper than having to rethink it and rebrand later. This interactive workshop will give you the fundamentals and tools to build out a powerful, resonant brand that can help guide everything your growing company does and breed strong consumer loyalty. Get your brand right from the sta


  • What a brand positioning is and why you need one
  • The mistakes most startups make when building their brands
  • The key elements to any strong brand and how to build your own
  • How to use your brand to guide your company and its marketing

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