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Branding 102: Let's Get Visual

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Branding 102: Let's Get Visual | Charlotte

Past Locations for this Event

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During this course, we will focus mainly on digital design - namely how to make your website and related online marketing deliverables unique, beautiful, and compelling.

By the way, people sometimes say design is subjective - but in this course, you'll learn exactly why it's not! There are unspoken rules you must follow, and more importantly - critical mistakes you must avoid for your designs to work.

This is easy enough to understand intuitively. All of us are attracted to design and imagery that strikes us as professional and attractive. But not everyone understands how to achieve this effect - and not everyone naturally "sees" what an experienced designer does.

As with most things, this is equal parts art and science - and by the end of this course, you'll know how to approach both sides of the equation. As a result, you'll be better equipped to understand and implement effective design principles for your own brand.

Remember, people don't buy the candy - they buy the wrapper!


The elements of visual design such as — lines, shapes, form, typography, colors, and texture Visual communication including effective use of objects, models, graphs, negative/white space, and hierarchy

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