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Boundaries for WOC in Technology | New York City

About this event

dLet’s be real for a second:

● Do you say “YES” when you’re really screaming inside a big, fat “NO”? ● Do you worry about hurting other people’s feelings or upsetting them if you speak your truth? ● Do you tend to overextend, overgive and overwhelm yourself at work and in life as a result?

That’s called lacking boundaries.

Learning how to embrace the word “no” is learning how to courageously and confidently set boundaries with others. In return, you’ll gain back the time, energy, respect, and wellness you might be missing in your career and life. This workshop is designed by and for Women of Color in technology who are ready to learn the art of healthy personal and professional boundaries to transform their careers and create mutually safe and beneficial relationships. Setting boundaries and expectations, prioritizing our needs and wellness, is a distinct leadership skill that no one ever taught us. It is another form of negotiating and self-advocacy that is critical to advance in your career without compromising your values and who you are at the core. And if you don’t know what boundaries you should be setting at work or how, it’s time to learn some fundamentals. It’s never too early or too late!

Let’s do this together.

All are welcome: This workshop is hosted by Real You Leadership ( and is designed by and for Women of Color in technology, including cis, gay, straight, and non-binary trans women. If you are looking to level up your pay positions and recognition in your career, please come through! Any and all allies are welcome.


● Learn how to identify the 5 types of boundaries you should be setting at work ● Gain insights in exactly why it’s hard for WOC to set boundaries ● A simple checklist to determine if you need to set a boundary ● Ways to start embracing the “NO!”

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