Black Futures in The Metaverse | New York City

About this event

Neal Stephenson is a science fiction author who popularized the word "metaverse" in his novel Snow Crash, published in 1994. The book describes the metaverse as a continuous virtual environment navigated by the novel's protagonist, Hiro Protagonist. The concept has resurfaced drastically 30 years later through the influence of venture capitalist Matthew Ball, who inspired Mark Zukerberg in the rebranding of the well-known technology company we once knew as Facebook Inc.

An imaginative version of the internet created in a virtual or augmented reality, but whose imagination will contribute to this virtual world?

Described as a platform for human leisure, labor, and existence at large. When it comes to diversity, the metaverse will provide a powerful platform for all creators, especially Black creators, and voices to be amplified.

The complexity of the actual world has started to seep into the Metaverse, in which identity serves as both a mirror of and a component of social capital.

From the standpoint of the video game business or other IT industries, is there a system of regulations for who qualifies to be included, who gets left out, and how this will affect the metaverse's future?

In what ways can we leverage history, more importantly for this conversation, Black History, to create better systems to support the technological advancements occurring in our society today?

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation to uncover the imaginations behind a Black metaverse.

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