Biz-Ness Academy I Complete Customer Clarity | Pittsburgh

About this event

What do all great brands do? They have their customers’ ‘deepest’ desires at the heart of everything they do. They truly understand their pain, their language and their behaviours. When small businesses think of their ideal customer they tend to focus on surface-level demographics, but this isn't enough to cut through the noise and attract their ideal customer. Understanding consumer psychology is where the marketing magic happens.

This workshop will take you through our 4 step signature framework so you can finally stop the guesswork and gain complete clarity and a deep understanding of your profitable dream customer. This workshop is perfect if you are just starting out with your business or you are within the first 3 years of business and simply want to understand your ideal customer on a deeper level to improve your marketing.


  • A clear understanding of who 'you' want to target
  • Where your brand stis within the marketplace
  • How to create a customer profile statement
  • Understanding why your customer buys from you
  • Where to find juicy customer/market insights and how to use the data
  • How to compile this information into a customer profile template you will actually use to drive all of your marketing

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