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Big Tech: Big Problem Or Big Opportunity For Business?

Past Locations for this Event

Big Tech: Big Problem Or Big Opportunity For Business? | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

It’s often said that tech companies dominate the world of marketing, social media, and ecommerce, but is big tech a big problem for business, or a big opportunity? In this event, we dive into tech and regulation, and how we maximise the opportunities of technology, and manage the risks. We’ll examine Australia’s position in the world with technology, and how we navigate the pathway ahead toward the Government’s goal for Australia to be a leading digitally-enabled economy by 2030.

To explore this complex issue, we’ve enlisted our leading expert who’ll discuss:

  • Tech regulation in Australia
  • How Australia’s technology sector compares to other countries
  • The interplay between large and small technology companies

Join this event for a deep dive into business ethics, tech regulation and the big vs small business debate.

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