Big Data in Fashion: Impact, Benefits and Applications

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Big Data in Fashion: Impact, Benefits and Applications | Perth

Past Locations for this Event

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Big data is disrupting the fashion retail industry and revolutionising traditional fashion business strategies. With close to $1 trillion spent on e-commerce purchases by consumers in 2020, it is no surprise that more fashion retailers are leveraging big data to forecast trends, better manage supply chains, and analyse customers behaviour and preferences.

To succeed in the fashion industry, firms must be able to predict fashion and industry trends and keep up with the ever-changing consumer preferences. Big data has completely changed the fashion game and it is high time fashion brands start embracing big data to optimise all aspects of their business.

Join us as our panel of experts discuss the benefits and applications of leveraging big data to inform decisions in the fashion industry and how fashion brands can build a comprehensive data strategy to drive real business results.

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