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Betting on Blockchain | Bring Your Blockchain Startup Ideas to Life | Toronto

About this event

The biggest risk you face as an innovator is building something the world does not need. This can be particularly true for blockchain ideas — people often fall in love with building innovative, frontier technology solutions before generating real proof that there is a need that they can service.

A startup idea is a calculated bet: it is your bet that you have a unique understanding of the world and can solve a meaningful opportunity.

Betting on Blockchain will teach you how to create your calculated bet.
- Learn about the three most important bets you need to define on day 1 in order to be positioned for startup success.
- Learn about blockchain technology.
- Create your own calculated bet about a blockchain startup in 90 minutes.

If you’re interested in starting a business, have a startup idea you want to pursue, or want to learn the basics and evolution of blockchain, this is a great opportunity to take your knowledge to the next level. All levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate! The entrepreneurs building the companies of tomorrow and the innovators shaping the companies of tomorrow need a consistent framework to create a meaningful idea, generate proof the world needs it, and then bring it to life.

We make it possible. Join us and learn how in this interactive 90-minute webinar and check out the agenda for the rest of the series:

Betting on Blockchain | Bring Your Blockchain Startup Ideas to Life | September 23
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Betting on Artificial Intelligence | Bring Your AI Startup Ideas to Life | October 7


Learn a repeatable formula for bringing a meaningful startup idea to life and turning your idea into a calculated bet. Learn the basics of blockchain technology and the types of innovations blockchain can make possible. Learn about the industries blockchain has the potential to disrupt, including healthcare, small business, education, and beyond. Create your own calculated bet by the end of the webinar.

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