Back to Work | PIVOT! 10 Steps to Transition Your Career

Back to Work | PIVOT! 10 Steps to Transition Your Career | San Diego

About this event

About this event This free webinar will introduce you to the supportive ALV community and will teach you 10 steps for a smooth career transition. Join John Roccia, ALV Director of Career Services, as he shares everything you need to know about navigating the job search process from start to finish with ease.


In this webinar he will cover: - What you should be thinking about when considering a career change - How to approach this process strategically and systematically - Tactics to help you navigate the overwhelming process with confidence - There will be dedicated Q&A time, so bring all of your best career transition questions. You will walk away with a newfound perspective on landing a new role and the confidence to go after your dream job. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone!

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