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Attention Software Engineers: Soft Skills Hiring Managers Look For | Louisville

About this event

As much as code quality, technical skills and other hard skills matter, soft skills are equally important in helping a software engineer flourish and grow in their career. Gone are the days when software engineers can just ignore the world and perfect their code. Hiring managers now seek out engineers who are not only great at what they do, but also excel in essential soft skills to effectively communicate and collaborate with their team.

Focusing on technical skills can be compelling especially at the beginning of your career, as compared to trying to market skills that are not easily quantified. However, beyond technical competencies and intellectual knowledge, soft skills add value to your resume and will help you successfully grow from job to job, industry to industry.

While there are an abundance of soft skills worth noting, what are the soft skills required for a software engineer to thrive in your environment? Hear from our panel of experts as they share the top 5 soft skills required for a software engineer, how to develop and effectively highlight them in your CV to score an interview!

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