Asian American Womxn's Voice: Our Culture & The Future | Miami

About this event

General Assembly's “Asian American Womxn’s Voice” is bringing together the top minds in creative industries. We're creating a space for us to learn together so we can go into the world with a deeper understanding of our Asian culture, womxn’s struggles, one another’s stories, and of course, technology.

In “Our Culture & The Future”, we will discuss how to celebrate ourselves, our culture, and our hopes for the future.

We will gather womxn from our community who will share their experiences in their careers and we will see how they got there and how they leveraged aspects of their culture and voices to achieve the success they have today. We will also ask what parts of their culture they had to turn their backs to in order to be their best selves.

The truth is, many Asian Americans are expected to be subservient and quiet - even if it went against their beliefs, mission, or passion. Let's explore how they manage both their careers and their personal lives authentically and with JOY!

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