Asian American Womxn's Voice: Designing Your Boundaries

Asian American Womxn's Voice: Designing Your Boundaries | Salt Lake City

About this event

General Assembly's “Asian American Womxn’s Voice” is bringing together the top minds in creative industries. We're creating a space for us to learn together so we can go into the world with a deeper understanding of our Asian culture, womxn’s struggles, one another’s stories, and of course, technology.

In “Designing Your Boundaries”, we will discuss how creating them for ourselves will not only better our journeys, but the ones of our friends, families, and allies as well. When is it ok to stand up? When should we make space? The truth is, many of us don't know as most Asian families don't speak about mental health issues or boundaries. So let's explore the two subjects together through this panel so we can break generational patterns of trauma that will teach us rather than oppress us?


  • Recognize the different boundaries there are in/out of the workplace
  • Identify what kinds of boundaries you need to draw
  • How can we go about drawing such boundaries
  • What part does self care and self love play in boundaries
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