Art + Design Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

Past Locations for this Event

Art + Design Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

In this panel discussion, we unpack how artists & designers have utilised social media and digital technology to increase their influence, reach and exposure for passion projects.

This event will delve into how technology is disrupting the art world and creating new pathways for the evolution of art and design.

We've assembled a line up of creative individuals from different fields within the industry to share ideas on how digital technology is:

  • transforming the way we perceive and define art
  • providing new opportunities for creation and innovation
  • forming disruptive marketplaces, allowing for greater access and distribution
  • shaping the future of the art and design world
  • + more....

Stick around after for drinks and mingling after with fellow artists, designers, creatives and innovators, the drinks are on us!

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