Approaching Marketing with A PR Lens

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Approaching Marketing with A PR Lens | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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The past 12 months have taught marketers many lessons – the importance of agility, transformation and empathy. Managing budgets, expectations and people is only half the battle. In 2021, new challenges emerge as brands prepare to take on the next phase of marketing in the age of a pandemic.

Based on global survey of over 200 marketers, we uncovered key trends and challenges anticipated in the year ahead. Whether it’s dealing with digital fatigue, boosting brand equity or a greater emphasis on lead generation, it all boils down to communication, content and creativity.

Make a date with us as we demonstrate the power modern public relations has on taking marketing campaigns a step further. As lines between functions throughout organisations are blurred - and more so in response to the pandemic - further pivoting towards digital will become the norm. We decipher the shifts in audiences today and how their behaviour influences the way you communicate with them. Learn how to develop authentic and compelling messages at every stage of the marketing funnel and find out what it means to be creative with a purpose.

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