Android Programming: Let's Break it Down A Free Class

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Android Programming: Let's Break it Down A Free Class | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

A lot of us have had ideas for great apps bouncing around in our brains, but lack the skills necessary to bring our ideas to life. Join us for this free workshop and let’s code together the building blocks of Flappy Bird and deploy the app on your device.

Before the workshop TC and Giorgio will assist you on Slack to successfully configure your dev environment with Android Studio.


  • Get​ ​a ​strong understanding of the Android ecosystem, and the opportunities available to Android programmers
  • Lear​n​ the fundamental programming concepts essential to Android Development
  • Code​-​a​-​long with an example application

Prereqs & Preparation

Some knowledge of programming concepts would be helpful, but not required. Please bring a laptop and download the Android-SDK.

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