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Aligning Product And Marketing for Successful Product Launches

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Aligning Product And Marketing for Successful Product Launches | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

At the end of the day, all cohorts of the business have to sing in harmony. This is especially true for product management and marketing which are the two distinct functions’ that must collaborate and harmonise for good product-market fit . This is also the secret to cracking the best customer experience for your consumers.

If you are excited to learn how big companies make such amazing products such as seamless phones, laptops or even the variety of apps that cater to all our needs - this webinar is for you! In this event we will dive into the differences and relationship between product management and marketing and explore what it takes for a successful product launch.

Join us for the webinar to hear from industry experts on how they use their skills and expertise to align the two functions for successful product launches.

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