Aligned Ambition: Creating Sustainable Success From The Inside Out

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Aligned Ambition: Creating Sustainable Success From The Inside Out | Brisbane

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Past Locations for this Event

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Join us in this one-hour event with Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker, Former Googler, & Stubborn Optimist, Brooke Taylor, on determining your purpose and defining success for yourself from the inside out. Using principles of positive methods, sheโ€™ll teach you how to change the way you view your strengths, your work, and your purpose so you can make more informed career decisions in your life. This is for anyone who feels unfulfilled in their work and is ready to make a change.


  • Learn the methods that have helped executives at Google, Goldman Sachs, IBM, McKinsey, and Salesforce to heal from burnout, and to actually experience the success they want and have.
  • Identify the primary reason ambitious professionals experience imposter syndrome and burnout that isn't often talked about.
  • Learn a revolutionary method called Emotional Freedom Technique for releasing anxiety and mindset blocks that prevent you from actually appreciating your success.
  • A goal-setting process for both personal and career goals that will actually stick and manifest.
  • Create a success statement that will grant you the freedom to feel successful regardless of outcome.

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