Alexa, Siri and Google: Let's Have a Conversation

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Alexa, Siri and Google: Let's Have a Conversation | Edinburgh

Past Locations for this Event

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The future is increasingly becoming "AI First" and a key part of that vision is the ability to engage in natural language conversations with machines around you whether at home, or on the go. Industry trends indicate that conversational UI/UX will fundamentally alter the way users interact and engage with brands, and will likely become the preferred interaction paradigm for connecting consumers to contextually-relevant services and experiences. Learning to design and develop experiences for signature platforms will be a critical skill for next-generation application developers.

Juniper Research found that 3.25 billion voice assistants are in use in 2019, with expectations of hitting 8 billion in 2023. Join us as we talk voice assistants with experts to understand how voice is changing the world around us, how our privacy should be protected and what job prospects there are in voice industry.


Key takeaways - Voice Assistant tends 2020 - Privacy & GDPR - Job prospects in Voice Assistant industry

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