'AdWords for Startups' with Google

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'AdWords for Startups' with Google | Berlin

Past Locations for this Class

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For most startups, AdWords is a vital tool for customer acquisition, whether it's for an online shop, a B2B SaaS company or a mobile app developer. The Google for Startups team helps you get started, with initial consults regarding strategy, campaign build and optimization (for the AdWords pros: access to betas). It's our goal to make you more successful - the better AdWords works, the more money you'll put into it. This workshop gives a short introduction to AdWords, covers the new targeting methods and best practices - all tailored to startups' needs. Beginners and advanced welcome.

Student Takeaways: At the end of the workshop, you will have an overview of AdWords, you will know search, display, YouTube and mobile, and be up-to-date with all the new stuff! That includes the useful free tools (also suitable for market research). Prerequisites: None. Marc Preusche is from a business administration background, Marc started working for Google three years ago. A year in he discovered his passion for startups and has been consulting entrepreneurs and investors ever since. The main focus is online marketing - Google AdWords (SEM, mobile, display, YouTube), for companies that are just planning their AdWords engagement. AdWords beginners get trainings, pros get access to professional tools, betas and more.

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