2030 Movement: Women Funders and Founders

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2030 Movement: Women Funders and Founders | Brisbane

Past Locations for this Event

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Women venture partners make up 9% of the industry. Yet out of which, only 20% of women partners invest at the growth stage and 37% at Series B rounds (CNBC, 2018). As the struggle to raise funds becomes harder, we have fewer women to diversify what gets invested in. Venture Capital has notoriously been known as a ""Boy Club"", yet diversity in this space is imperative as it sets the tech ecosystem.

Join us as we hear from both sides of the investment coin, those looking for funding and those providing the funding. We'll learn the struggles they have gone through, the challenges they face and what the industry is doing to cause a shift towards equality. Each of these female trailblazers will share their stories of how they got where they are today.

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