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2030 Movement: How to Land a Job at a Tech Startup

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2030 Movement: How to Land a Job at a Tech Startup | Adelaide

Past Locations for this Event

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When we talk about people who work in "tech", one typically imagines them as coders in hoodies in front of a computer screen working at big names like Facebook or Google. This (unfortunate) widespread misconception circumvent the opportunity to jump into this red-hot field for far too many job seekers. The tech industry encompasses so much more than just coders and software engineers.

In many parts of the world, there are entire eco-systems built to support tech start-ups. Tech startups thus seem to be thriving and always in need of talent, but thinking about getting a job at a tech startup can seem overwhelming and unattainable. So how do you land that job in tech even if you aren’t a born-and-bred techie?

Join our panel of experts as they share what it takes to work in a tech startup. They'll discuss the boon and the bane of a career in tech, ways to narrow your job search and how to get yourself organized if you are looking for a job in a tech startup.

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