2030 Movement:  Building Relationships in the Digital Age

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2030 Movement: Building Relationships in the Digital Age | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Event

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Technology has undeniably impacted every aspect of our lives and dating and building relationships is no exception. Just a few years ago, no one could have imagined their next date being a single swipe away and yet now, it has become parts and parcels of modern dating. While aspects of dating have already gone digital, with COVID-19 painting a new reality, this process has been accelerated and now applies to all relationships.

Machine learning makes promising (and successful, most of the time) matches for us. Artificial Intelligence determines the best activities for a date. Family game nights take place from opposite sides of the world. The opportunities are endless as we continue to involve technology in ways we build relationships. Considering how far we've come, imagine where we could go from here?

Join our panel as we discuss how building and maintaining relationships have evolved over the past few years, the acceleration of virtual relationships due to the pandemic and what the future holds for the tech side of building relationships.

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