Upskill Legacy Engineering Teams with Modern Engineering Capability to Enable Cloud-Readiness


Need a fresh, future-proof workforce that’s ready to tackle modern challenges? General Assembly’s solution can upskill your engineering team in a matter of weeks.  

This month, we’re launching a new Modern Engineering Solution to help organizations build strategic capability in next generation tools and concepts.

Through live, instructor-led online courses, our targeted tech training program develops legacy engineers into versatile, modern employees that possess knowledge in programming, debugging, and testing, as well as the latest technical skills in cloud infrastructure, microservices architecture, and continuous integration. 

With a growing population of software engineers who were trained in their profession decades ago, our robust training solution arrives at the perfect time to help organizations power the shift to cloud technologies—which will be necessary to increase value and innovation in the coming years.

Who is the Modern Engineer?

Whether your workforce consists of tenured software architects, mid-level developers, neophytes straight out of college, or all of the above, your teams will benefit from an upskilling program that shapes them into modern “T-shaped” engineers.

A T-shaped engineer can: 

  • Possess both breadth and depth needed to tackle jobs across disciplines
  • Bring fundamental programming skills to the table using one or more programming languages (Python, Javascript, Java, React, PFNP)
  • Apply 12-factor cloud infrastructure design knowledge, with skills in Azure, AWS, or GCP
  • Understand the microservices architecture and how to build scalable applications
  • Inform and design DevOps best practices and the application of CI/CD tools
  • Incorporates test-driven development to build and maintain code with confidence

In a nutshell, modern T-shaped engineers are supremely valuable employees whose blend of general and specialized skills make it easier to plan cross-functional teams, overcome problem-solving blind spots, and keep employees current with in-demand tech stacks that help your business compete. 

How Modern Engineering Helps You Level Up

General Assembly’s Modern Engineering Solution covers all the aforementioned areas with 40 hours of live, online, expert-led instruction—including hands-on projects and assignments that mimic real-world tasks and workflows.

The eight units of study are broken down into sessions ranging from 1 hour to 6 hours in duration, that can be rolled out in a one-week immersive or over multiple weeks. Trainees complete diagnostic assessments, self-paced prerequisite prep work, a baseline tech skills module, and subsequent modules that dive deep into specific topics. 

A sample program might include:

  • Command Line Interface with Linux & Bash
  • Distributed Version Control with Git & GitHub 
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Twelve-Factor Design
  • Containers with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Microservices Architecture 
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Agile & Extreme Programming
  • Test Driven Development with Jest

A Talent Investment Today Helps You Compete Tomorrow

In workforces across the country, the impetus for digital transformation is growing faster than the tech talent pool. The cloud skills gap has resulted in 92% of enterprises struggling to hire and retain software engineers with the right skill sets, according to the Linux Foundation. Unfilled roles and pressing needs mean companies can’t modernize. 

Much of the existing IT talent has been trained on legacy systems, which has impacted organizational timelines for cloud adoption, migration, and maturity. Despite the ballooning need, only 10% of organizations feel prepared to address impending skills shortages.

And the trend will only continue: for 95% of companies by 2025, innovation will rest on serverless and native platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud—that is, if talent skills gaps can be managed. 

If legacy tech talent falls out of touch with modern engineering practices, your company might be forced to outsource key tech stack, workflow, and implementation decisions that make you less autonomous and competitive. Chances are, you’re feeling some of these pains already. 

A Modern Engineering Solution With Proven Results

General Assembly’s solution is built and delivered by practitioners with deep knowledge across the modern engineering spectrum and over a decade of collaborative training with corporate partners. In fact, we’re trusted by some of today’s top brands, including Disney, Adobe, and Sage.

Through our engaging modules, learners dig deep into validated tools and approaches for modern engineering techniques, developed in partnership with top organizations. They’re encouraged to apply practical knowledge and competencies to real industry problems through application frameworks, labs, and capstone projects. Each employee receives full support every step of the way through regular instructor and peer feedback.

Upon completion of the program, engineers will be able to: 

  • Design and deploy robust, scalable, cloud-native applications 
  • Work within a microservice architecture
  • Build, test, deploy, and iterate code with industry-standard tools and workflows
  • Understand how to run in scalable container-based infrastructure

Organizations across all industries will need these valuable engineering skills to keep pace with digital transformation and satisfy legacy workers’ desires to contribute in meaningful ways.

Contact General Assembly to learn more about upskilling for cloud readiness through our Modern Engineering Solution.

Disclaimer: General Assembly referred to their Bootcamps and Short Courses as “Immersive” and “Part-time” courses respectfully and you may see that reference in posts prior to 2023.