The Evolution Of Marketing Skills Ebook: Why Marketing Has Always Been About Change and Learning


Marketing is moving at a blistering pace. In the past two decades, digital technologies have supercharged the industry’s evolution and propelled it into a moment as rife with challenges as it is with opportunity. 

Today, businesses and marketers are in a never-ending race to catch up with a flood of new channels and a growing set of tools. All while fielding a crowded market and swaying consumer needs. The dizzying pace of change in an industry that’s becoming increasingly digitized and data-driven is swelling skills gaps and leaving many on the verge of falling behind

The good news? Change is not new to marketing. It’s what defines it. Marketing’s evolution can be chronicled through disruptions and innovations. And marketers have long thrived on their ability to adapt on the fly and leverage new mediums, trends, and technologies to move forward and push the envelope.

After helping hundreds of companies upskill their marketing teams, we’ve seen how this holds time and again. Marketers are some of the most flexible and inventive individuals in business. We believe that they’re capable of taking on any challenge with the right skills and the right tools.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our latest ebook: “The Evolution of Marketing Skills.” We want to address the notion that change is a recent development in the marketing industry—and put brands and marketers at ease about their ability to adapt and succeed in today’s market. 

We cover the marketing industry’s evolution from an ill-defined trade during the Industrial Revolution into the complex business discipline that it is today—along with the forces and technologies that fueled that transformation. We also discuss:

  • How marketers’ skillset has evolved, expanded, and grown more complex over time
  • How the rise of digital technologies upended the industry and set it on a path of constant change
  • How shifting consumer attitudes will continue to grow into a major transformative force 
  • How marketing leaders can leverage upskilling to stay ahead of the curve

Download this Ebook to:

  • Discover how marketers and organizations just like yours have adapted to new technologies and shifting consumer attitudes in the past.
  • Get a clearer picture of how marketers’ skillset has grown over the years—and what to expect in the future.
  • Learn how you can jumpstart a successful upskilling initiative to close the skills gap in your marketing team.

Click here to download “The Evolution of Marketing Skills” ebook.

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