Info Sessions: Live Answers To Your Bootcamp Questions


Got bootcamp on the brain?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of taking an immersive bootcamp with GA, but have questions holding you back, our live info sessions have the answers.  

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart a complete career change, cross over into a role that requires a specific skill set, level up in your existing role, or just explore your options, attending an info session will provide the details you need to make the right move for you.

What’s an info session? 

Info sessions are a risk-free opportunity to get an overview of the immersive bootcamp you’re interested in and ask our Admissions Specialists and other team members (like instructors and career coaches) all your most burning questions, like:

  • “What skills and tools will I learn?”
  • “What’s the remote in–class experience like?”
  • “What can I expect to walk away with after completing this bootcamp?”

No question is too big or too small. And no questions at all is just fine too — you’re welcome to simply join and listen in. 

And you can attend as many info sessions as you’d like, as many times as you’d like. Whether you’re deciding between multiple course options or want to attend multiple sessions for the same bootcamp to meet different team members, our info session doors are always open.

What will I take away from an info session?

You’ll leave each info session with the information you need to make an informed decision about your future. 

  • Learn about the enrollment process and everything you’ll need to be prepared for a course at GA.
  • Understand what the remote learning experience entails, from the live, instructor-led Zoom classroom to independent work and group projects.
  • Get excited about working with a dedicated career coach on resume and personal branding, networking, interview prep, and more.

How can I sign up for an info session? 

We’re glad you asked. Just find your region in the schedule below, click the date/time/topic that works for you, and RSVP directly on the signup page.

North America

August 18:30pm ESTData Analytics Immersive &Data Science ImmersiveClick here
August 28:30pm ESTSoftware Engineering ImmersiveClick here
August 36:30pm ESTUser Experience Design ImmersiveClick here
September 126:30pm ESTData Analytics Immersive &Data Science ImmersiveClick here
September 138:30pm ESTUser Experience Design ImmersiveClick here
September 146:30pm ESTSoftware Engineering ImmersiveClick here


August 95:30pm BSTSoftware Engineering ImmersiveClick here
August 95:30pm BSTUser Experience Design ImmersiveClick here
August 95:30pm BSTData Analytics ImmersiveClick here
August 305:30pm BSTSoftware Engineering ImmersiveClick here
August 305:30pm BSTUser Experience Design ImmersiveClick here
August 305:30pm BSTData Analytics ImmersiveClick here
September 205:30pm BSTSoftware Engineering ImmersiveClick here
September 205:30pm BSTUser Experience Design ImmersiveClick here
September 205:30pm BSTData Analytics ImmersiveClick here


August 95.30pm AESTSoftware Engineering ImmersiveClick here

How do info sessions vary by region?

With our global reach, we address regional differences in industry trends, admissions processes, and financing options. Make sure you attend the info session for your region so that you get the most accurate info.

And if you’re located in Singapore and wonder why we don’t have info sessions scheduled for your region, we’ve got you covered. We run a ‘Break-Into’ series with Admissions Specialists and other local team members that offer a similar experience to info sessions, but cover key differences pertaining to our offerings in Singapore — like detailed insight into Singapore’s tech industry, information about Singapore-specific funding and support, and details on available courses.

We can’t wait to meet you

Wherever you are in your geography and your career journey, we can’t wait to meet you at one of our upcoming info sessions and help you take the next step on your tech skill journey.

If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch at  

Disclaimer: General Assembly referred to their Bootcamps and Short Courses as “Immersive” and “Part-time” courses respectfully and you may see that reference in posts prior to 2023.