Have You Considered Exploring a Marketing Career?


You may also enjoy product management or data.

You appear to be a strategic thinker with a knack for balancing vision, intuition, adaptability, and logic to achieve aspirational goals. You’re energized by people and care about what’s best for your teams, users, and ultimately, the big picture strategy. You might find it rewarding to work with cross-functional stakeholders and data to guide campaigns and product launches toward long-term success.

Relevant job titles

Marketing Manager

Content Strategist

SEO Specialist

Product Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

Marketing Operations Manager

Business Intelligence Analyst

Product Manager

Data Analyst

Technical Project Manager


Your ideal collaborators may include like-minded strategists with interests that span business, design, and tech, as well as strong verbal communicators and visual problem solvers. These above-mentioned roles allow you to collaborate with an assortment of teams — marketing, finance, sales, product, and design — while utilizing an array of crossover skill sets.


Here are some great starting places to inspire you:

Disclaimer: General Assembly referred to their Bootcamps and Short Courses as “Immersive” and “Part-time” courses respectfully and you may see that reference in posts prior to 2023.