We’re Building a New Mobile App, and We Want Your Help


Community App by General Assembly

We’re building our first community-driven mobile app, and we’re looking for awesome curators to help us make it great.

What’s the mobile app?

It’s called Hub, and it’s all about helping you discover the very best events in Tech, Business, and Design. Each event is hand-picked by leaders from the GA community — our staff, our instructors, and our Hub Curators.

What does it mean to be a Hub Curator?

As a Hub Curator, you’ll be part of a small team who will help the GA community discover great events in Tech, Business, and Design. You’ll need to:

  • Identify and curate the best events in Tech, Business, and Design

  • Collaborate with the GA Team to produce editorial content and to inform new product features

  • Build relationships with meetup and event organizers

What’s in it for me if I’m selected?

  • Infinite respect  — You’ll be a valued member of the community and a leading voice in the events space.

  • Feel-good Feelings— Thousands of people will be going to cool meetups and learning all sorts of new skills because of you. You’ll be transforming the way people discover events.

  • Unlimited learning — As a GA curator you’ll have an unlimited pass to all of our on-campus classes, workshops, and events.

  • Swag on Swag on Swag — The freshest GA Swag, just for you!

What are we looking for in a HUB curator?

Movers and shakers in the tech, business, and design space with a passion for events, a knack with words, and a love for meeting and connecting people.

What’s the time commitment?

2 Hours per week.  Mostly remote, always fun.

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